Thursday, September 20, 2007


I have finally found the time to write a little bit about TeaShark. It is a web browser for mobile phones implemented in JavaME. It tries to allow the user to enjoy desktop webs in your mobile phone and it seems to do it by transcoding. Doesn't it sound familiar? Yes, it looks like Opera Mini has a new competitor.

Its makers say it is based on WebKit "as the back-end HTML transcoding engine".

I have tried it and it is working pretty well to be an alpha. It offers options and preferences similar to Opera Mini beta 4 (landscape mode, fit to screen vs minimap browsing, high/low quality when displaying images). Give it a try, as current (alpha) version is free.

Oh, by the way, I could not find any information about the company or people developing TeaShark, which seems to be pretty weird.

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Manrique said...

Its interface is not ready for SE P900, so I will need another phone :-)