Saturday, September 24, 2011

Converting NRG disk images to the ISO format in MacOSX

First step: install MacPorts (Direct access to the latest .dmg file for OSX Lion at the very moment of writing this post is here). MacPorts is a set of software tools which allow distinct open source software from other POSIX-like systems such as Linux. These open source software pieces include command-line tools and X11 tools. It includes a software packaging system very easy to use. So easy, that, we only need to install nrg2iso by executing the command
sudo port install nrg2iso
in Terminal. Then, just execute
nrg2iso inputfile.nrg outputfile.iso
in Terminal's command line. Two things may happen afterwards: console output may show the advance in the task of converting the original Nero .nrg file to the more standard .iso disk image format; alternatively, the .nrg file may already be a .iso file simply renamed to .iso and console output will warn us about that fact. In this case, we only have to change the .nrg extension to .iso.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Survey illustrates iPad's effect on PC market

Tuaw has just published a post about how PC users spend less time after purchasing an iPad. It references a survey by AdMob and they say that "Among the 1,430 tablet own ers who par tic i pat ed in the sur vey, 77 per cent admit ted to spend ing less time with their per son al com put ers after buy ing a tablet, 43 per cent said they now use their tablets more than their per son al com put ers, and 28 per cent claimed to use a tablet as their pri ma ry com put er. Most tablet users, 68 per cent, spent at least one hour each day with the device, pri mar i ly for play ing games (84 per cent), search ing for infor ma tion (78 per cent) or email cor re spon dence (74 per cent)."

It must be true ;-)

Written from an iPad ;-)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Trying to post from Blogger app in Android

So that is it. Just my first try blogging from the Android Blogger app.