Thursday, July 31, 2008

... and Even Better News for the Mobile Web

And how is it that it took so long to the W3C MWBP working group in order to be able to provide its first W3C Recommendation? The Mobile Web Best Practices have been waiting for months for XHTML Basic 1.1 to be a W3C Rec, because it was defined as the mark-up language of reference for the Default Delivery Context define in the document.

Was it so important to wait for it? Yes, XHTML Basic 1.1 is the mark-up language jointly supported by both W3C and the OMA from now and on in order to be the hypertext language of reference in mobile devices. So no more XHTML Basic vs XHTML Mobile Profile (well, they shall be taken into account for a few years as old devices disappear and new devices start including browsers supporting XHTML Basic 1.1). It is great that, in the next future, the OMA and W3C speak the same (hypertextual) language.

Good news for the mobile web

I am sure I am being the last one to spread the word, but I am proud to say that the Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 (Basic Guidelines) have become -two days ago- a W3C Recommendation. The proud is due to the fact that this document has been developed by the W3C Mobile Web Best Practices working group, under the umbrella of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative. I joined that group in September 2005 by attending the Face-to-Face meeting in Rome, some months after its birth in June 2005. I must say that in my first months within the working group I felt like fish out of the water. Little by little, I managed to understand the whole problem (it is easy to understand the problem of the web in mobile devices, in general; I am talking about understanding certain subtleties). Then, more people at work started understanding it too and participating in the group and we managed to even provide Reference Implementations of the Best Practices (i.e., web sites following the BPs), like or the web site of Fundamentos Web. We have managed to do even more stuff related to all the efforts within the W3C Mobile Web Initiative, but these are stories yet to be told (some of them really soon) as the final version of new documents come out to the public.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sporting back in the elite

I have a post pending with my humble hommage to the return of my football team (Real Sporting de Gijon) to Spanish First Division... or "Spanish La Liga", as the guys at CNN funnily say. In the meantime, the managers are trying to make a proper team to survive in the competition and are preparing a pre-season set of friendly matches to start the engines of the team. From my vacational retirement in the Canary Islands, I proudly read that one of these matches will take place against AC Milan (one of my fave teams ever since the times of Gullit, VanBasten, Rijkaard, Costacurta, Massaro, ...). By the way, the only time both teams met was in UEFA cup, in 1988 if my memory does not betray me, and I was there. We won 1-0 although we (unfairly) lost 1-3 in the 2nd match. I hope that we win this upcoming game, although it's been long since then and the difference between the rich and the poor is greater. Anyway, it is time to dream of great matches against excellent teams in El Molinon. I wish I can go on dreaming like this for years. It would be the sign of Sporting settled in First Division.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First post from Maemo WordPy

Trying maemo wordpy from an N810 for the very first time. Nuff said :)

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Android on N810

Thanks to the easy install procedure made available in internet tablet talk, I am enjoying android in my N810.

Slow, smelling like alpha software, but working. It seamlessly detected and used my WiFi (I suppose it takes data from the N810 install because otherwise I wonder how he managed to crack WPA :-) ).

I hope it will get improved along time. Looking forward to new and faster versions.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How open will the Symbian platform will be in the future?

After Nokia acquired enough shares of Symbian, they promise Symbian will be a fully open platform. Maybe they do it to stop Linux-based initiatives like Android or Limo. Whatever the reason, openness would mean to me that I can flash my N80 (abandoned from Nokia updates) with features only available for newer NSeries models so far. In my dreams :-(