Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Survey illustrates iPad's effect on PC market

Tuaw has just published a post about how PC users spend less time after purchasing an iPad. It references a survey by AdMob and they say that "Among the 1,430 tablet own ers who par tic i pat ed in the sur vey, 77 per cent admit ted to spend ing less time with their per son al com put ers after buy ing a tablet, 43 per cent said they now use their tablets more than their per son al com put ers, and 28 per cent claimed to use a tablet as their pri ma ry com put er. Most tablet users, 68 per cent, spent at least one hour each day with the device, pri mar i ly for play ing games (84 per cent), search ing for infor ma tion (78 per cent) or email cor re spon dence (74 per cent)."

It must be true ;-)

Written from an iPad ;-)

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