Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another historical match

I am afraid you are all doomed to carry on with all the movies posted in with old matches played by the team, as I guess I will also post them and comment them here.

Now it is time for a Sporting-Valladolid in the 95-96 season. Pay special attention to the second goal that Sporting scored (authored by Hugo Leonardo "Perico" Pérez), as it is considered one of the best 10 goals in the recent history of the Spanish Football League. The oriented control by Eloy Olaya should also be taken into account, because it is half a goal.

As all the matches played in El Molinón (there is also an entry for it in the Spanish version of wikipedia), I was there, and TV images match with the memory in my mind for Hugo Perez's goal. By the way, the striking couple, Julio Salinas and Igor lediakhov, is one of the best ever in the history of Real Sporting.

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