Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ironic video about the situation of CS engineers

I am sorry for all the readers of this blog non Spanish-speakers to post content in my native language. This video was taken from MightyRober's blog and it is an ironic (but not untrue) comment on a job application for Computer Science Engineers in order to maintain the software, hardware and network of a company in the field of electric power distribution. They also want appliers to be ready to co-operate dealing with the accounts of the company. And all for the wonderful annual salary of 10,000 € (taxes and other issues to be discounted from the salary). Ain't it great?

As the video shows, 10 people applied for that offer. Incredible (although we should consider the profile of those people... I cannot believe that a CS Engineer with 3 yrs of experience has applied for that job).

I warn you about inappropriate language and I please ask you to get the spirit of the video and do not take into account the literal words being used.

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