Sunday, April 26, 2009

Accessing an ext3fs filesystem from Windows Vista

I was a happy user of the kernel driver for Windows XP made available from (the so called IFS driver). It allowed me to mount an ext2fs/ext3fs partition as a drive letter in Windows and treat it as any other disk.

After moving recently to Vista (not my fault, it was preinstalled in the new machine), IFS -which was supposedly meant to suppor the latest flavour of the Microsoft OS so far- asked me to reformat the drive in order to be able to use it. Gasp!

Googlin' here and there I managed to find the ext2fsd project in Sourceforge. I am trying it and so far it works fine. I only dared to mount the ext3fs partition in read-only mode by now and it is very likely that it will stay this way. I do not want to play with very serious things and most of my work is in that driver.

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