Sunday, August 13, 2006

Magic Alonso

Fernando Alonso is the current Formula One world champion. In the last championship (2005) he put an end to the reign of Michael Schumacher (seven times F1 Champion). This year he managed to set a new record of points between the rest of pilots and himself but three victories in a row by Schumacher and a worse behaviour of his car and his team (Renault) made a difference of only 11 points. Last weekend, in Hungary, everything seemed lost when he was punished with 2 seconds of penalty in the final qualifying rounds. Luckily (for Alonso), Schumacher made his mistake too and was punished the same way. Alonso started from position 15 and Schumi from position 11. Alonso reached 1st position but a mistake of one of the mechanics when he changed wheels made him retire. It was Schumi's chance but he had to stop when there were only 3 laps left for him and he was in second place (I guess it was due to tires completely without grip). How is it possible that a pilot reaches 1st place after starting from 15th position and in a race in which rain was one of the guest stars? See it here (thanks to YouTube for hosting the video):

Last seconds show how Alonso passes Schumacher.

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