Friday, August 25, 2006

USB transfer: not that easy

As it is read in Esos aparatos del demonio, a blog that I like a lot which is created by a colleague and friend at the University of Oviedo, USB connection of an external device to a PC can be achieved by two different "methods": USB Mass Storage (UMS) and Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). As the original article (written in Spanish) says, some people experience problems with certain devices because of the "method" being used by "those gadgets from hell" (my personal free translation of the title of the blog that I am talking about).

Another great blog, S60 Multimedia Blog, talks about WinAmp support to transfer music to S60 mobile phones by using a plugin. It seems to support both methods and, by the way, USB Mass Storage is referred as MSC and not UMS in that article.

I will have to try it and, from now and on, I have found a new hobby: check which of my gadgets are UMS/MSC or MTP :-)

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