Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nokia N80

I bought a Nokia N80 two weeks ago. It was a great offer (I consider) to get one by only 379€. The rest of the offers I could find in the internet were about 120€ more expensive. By the way, I'd swear I had post that I was going to buy it the day before
I struggled with hundreds of people in MediaMarkt to get it, but the post does not appear. Maybe I saved it as a draft and drafts expire in Blogger :-?

I am quite happy with it, although I think it was a sales strategy to run out of stocks and put the new Nokia N80 Internet Edition into the market. The basic differences among this new one and my N80 are some software included (Mobile Search, Flickr client, Adobe Reader and maybe something else I cannot remember now) and firmware version (mine is a 3.0617.0.6 and N80 Internet Edition will bring a version 4.xx firmware).

The new firmware will bring FOTA (Firmware Over the Air) so users will be able to update their phones more easily. For my N80, I will have to take it to a support center so they flash it for me and then I got FOTA enabled. It is said that certain versions of these old N80 won't support (I hope that's not true or at least it is not my phone's problem). Anyway, I also read that it is FOTA push what won't work on all older N80s and I hope this is what really happens.

Well, I do not care very much about the software included in the Internet Edition: Mobile Search can be easily installed from, Shozu is a great alternative for the Flickr client since it supports S60 3rd Edition (Symbian OS flavor installed in this mobile phone) and PDF+ will soon be a good alternative for the official Adobe Reader (although it is beta now).

By now, I got Shozu in my phone, created a Flickr account and some pics uploaded. I will keep on reporting about my mobile world :-)

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