Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mobile Web in Fundamentos Web 2006

After being the chair of a face-to-face meeting in Gijón of the Mobile Web Best Practices working group (belonging to W3C's Mobile Web Initiative), Dan Appelquist presented his ideas about the use of mobile devices to access the web in Fundamentos Web 2006.

Dan had a hard job as his presentation was just after lunch so I was wondering if he could atract audience's attention. He surely did. After a brief presentation, he asked everyone to get up. Then, people who had never used the "mobile web" were asked to sit down. It was nice to check that most of the audience stood still.

Then it was time to sit down for people having used it more than once and my first impression turned from :-D to :-) as a lot of people sat down. Anyway, many people stood still when Dan asked people to sit down if they had not used the mobile web in the last month.

Later came time for the ones using it in the last few days and , at last, in the the last few hours. Only 3 or 4 guys stood still and were asked for their use of the mobile web. I was banned by Dan for being part of the working group anyway.

Well, let's take into account that the audience were people crazy about the web, but anyway the "statistics" were not bad at all.

There is a lot to do to bring the mobile web closer to the general public (or should it be bring the general public closer to the mobile web?).

By the way, the slides of Dan's presentation is available in Fundamentos Web 2006 web site (by the way, a really mobile-friendly site). In few days, slides and videos from the interesting presentations done by all the speakers will be available soon.

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