Friday, October 13, 2006

Tuning your phone memory

As I said in the previous post, reinstalling software to fix some secondary effects in my N80 has led me to write about configuration of memory in mobile phones.

The N80 with its firmware v4 had a cool application called Mobile Search from Nokia. The problem is that it is installed in the memory on-board the phone. This is normal as it is a pre-installed application, although I do not like all the local plug-ins (english, french, norwegian and almost all of the languages supported by the phone - excluding spanish, as mentioned in my previous post).

Mobile search takes 1 MB of memory, plus 228 KB of global plugin and about 40 KB per local plug-in. Local plug-ins are in charge of the burden of searching in local context (looking for spanish companies, for instance).

Taking into account that the phone has 40 MBs on-board and comes with a 128 MBs miniSD card, we should have the option to move applications to our memory card. What I did is uninstall all the plug-ins and then the app itself. I installed it from the web page (directly via WiFi, thanks to the Safari-based browser) right to my memory card, including the spanish local plug-in. The 1 MB that phone memory gained lets me now open some complex web pages that made the phone display an Out-Of-Memory message.

Unluckily, this can be done with Mobile Search as it is downloadable free software. I wish I could move to my 1 GB miniSD stuff like QuickOffice (2 MBs) and Adobe Reader LE (2 more MBs). Can't uninstall and reinstall as they are not freely downloadable, AFAIK.

This should be a must for next S60 (3rd ed FP2?) or Symbian (9.4?) version.


Antonio said...

Hola, fantásticos post sobre el N80, he llegado hasta aquí buscando la solución a un problema con el mío: actualicé a la versión 4 el QuickOffice que venía con el teléfono, lo instalé en la miniSD que uso y ahora el muy perro no se deja desinstalar ni reinstalar.

¿No tendrás por algún lado la solución?

Un saludo y enhorabuena por el blog!

Nacho said...

It is a problem that I guess that can only be fixed by re-flashing your phone with the same version of firmware installed in your phone or updating it to the newest version. And this way you'd get back to your old QuickOffice 3.

I am sorry but it is working this way.

You can try to hard-reset your phone by typing *#7370#, but backup your important data before you do it and get ready to re-install applications. I bet it won't work and you will have to re-flash, but you have nothing to lose if you try.