Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Nokia S60 3rd edition browser 2.0

I have found today some good news about the coming of a 2nd version of the S60 3rd edition browser.

It looks like the same browser will display WAP (1.x and 2.0) and (X)HTML contents so we shall all be able to get rid of the WAP browser included in S60 3rd edition "gadgets".

I still wonder how it will be made available to the user: a SIS installer? a firmware upgrade? If people at Nokia think about the latter, please bring Spanish language back to my phone :-D

Another thing that I like a lot is the chance to rotate the browser so we can choose between landscape and portrait layout. I wish I could do that with all the applications, as many of them would be much more usable.

I also love all the other cool stuff, but it is up for you to read it in the link above.

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