Sunday, October 22, 2006

I need a firmware update

Yes, but not in my N80 or any other gadget I own.

My car (Citroen C4) stopped working last friday. No response to remote control to open door. Anti-theft system reported not to be working by the boot-up diagnose system. When trying to kickstart the engine, it wanted to but looked like no fuel was injected.

2nd key was kindly sent to me by my father and, although diagnose system stopped reporting the problem with anti-theft system, the engine could not be put to work.

Over 1 hour and a half waiting for the assistance and the guy fixed it quickly. He explained to me what he had done: remove one of the terminals of the battery and connect it again after some seconds.

Does it sound to you? When it freezes, just push reset button :-)

Any firmware upgrade fixing this bug? ;-) I was told that first Ford Focus cars managed to consume almost a 20% less by upgrading firmware.

It was all so easy when cars were just mechanic stuff. I hope that so much electronic is for good ;-)

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Juan said...

Hi Nacho,

I don't have idea about if exists or not any firmware for C4.

I'm searching for this same thing.
Actually, I not found anything.

If you find any firmware or simillar, please, tell me this at:

Sorry for my English, i'm from barcelona, and my level is very lower.