Saturday, April 07, 2007


Well, after long without any post being published... here I am on the road again! This has been a quite problematic Easter because of my health so it has not been quite the holidays which were meant to be.

Staying in bed for that long made me remember that I had completely abandoned this blog, so it is due time for me to publish stuff again.

January, February and March have got me busy preparing new projects at work and working on the existing ones. In the meantime, I have gotten involved more and more in W3C MWI's Mobile Web Best Practices and Device Description working groups.

I shall speak about all those things in more depth in the future.

Ah, I finally turned my N80 -that the warehouse where I bought it had imported illegally (as I noticed when I upgraded the firmware and lost Spanish language support)- into an N80 Internet Edition. I have tried VoIP and talked to some Spanish fixed lines thanks to, and also Nokia Maps (the rocking maps and navigation tool that Nokia has given to us all their users for free!).

Enough for today, because my family deserves all the time after having me in bed for the last two days. BRB!

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