Saturday, April 21, 2007


Another nice application I am using in my N80 Internet Edition is Fring.

Fring is an applications that lets you use VoIP to call other people (normally, free if you call another VoIP client, and with some money cost if you call a fixed or mobile phone line -see my previous post about, lets you detect online presence of your pals and works on either cellular and wireless networks (I do not like Jaiku because of its lack of WiFi support, although it seems to be a great software after the few things I tried before I decided to stop paying for traffic).

It is great to be connected to google talk and be able to either chat or call your gtalk contacts.

They are improving their tool little by little, and next step should be (IMHO) more support of Skype network. It is good to have SkypeOut support (although, having VoIP support and having so many VoIP operators cheaper than skype... what do we need it for?). That better support would be the capability to call or chat with Skype contacts as we can do with google talk contacts.

Another nice improvement would be to import contacts from the agenda in the same way they are in the agenda and not generating a new entry for each different phone number or internet phone identifier of each contact. It is ugly and it is disabled in my phone.

I rather have VoIP activated via S60 3rd edition integrated client, which lets me treat VoIP just like regular calls, and then be online using Fring in google talk, MSN and Skype(SkypeOut only, what a pity)... when I have a free WiFi network close to me.

Btw, and talking about Jaiku, they say it is a clone for Twitter (which I have used as a reader in a Widset widget). I am giving it a try to see it it supports WiFi).

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