Friday, May 11, 2007

Dramatic weekend for Asturian sports fans

Tomorrow is an important day for Asturian  sports fanatics. Besides the F1 race in which Fernando Alonso will take part (happenning in the catalonian circuit of Montmeló), two teams will have to fight for their future.

Real Sporting is my football team. We were 18 years in a row in Spanish 1st Division, fought for a championship against Real Madrid and lost two Cups in a row against Real Madrid and Barça. Now we have been in 2nd Division for 9 years :-( and, although this season seemed very promising in its first half, the fact is that we are only 1 point above the positions leading to 2nd Division B (the weird name for our 3rd division, making Third Division be really the 4th one... nice, isn't it?). Tomorrow we are playing against Numancia and we really need the victory.

Half an hour after Sporting-Numancia, Gijón Baloncesto (my basketball team) play the last game of the play-out leading to LEB-2. In Spain, we have the ACB, then the LEB and right below there is the LEB-2. We were in the ACB in the 90s and have historically been one of the teams to beat in LEB, but the fact is that history is history and tomorrow we are playing the game of our lifes.

I will attend both games and report... If I live to tell.

I hope Fernando won't finish me next Sunday :-) Win easy, please!

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Rober said...

Bueno, parece que el Sporting se portó ;-)