Sunday, May 20, 2007

Label clouds

I am adding a new page element called label clouds, where you will be able to see two pictures of the labels in use in my and in this blog.

The first one is something I found out thanks to my workmate Wikier's blog. It is called extispicious and it lets you get a text cloud showing all the labels/tags used in the bookmarks of a user.

The next picture shows how it looks like. The real service returns an HTML page (not a picture in fact) where each piece of text composing a tag is an hyperlink to the folder in my delicious with all the bookmarks tagged with such text.

The service can also return a collage made with pics taken from Yahoo Images which are tagged with the same tags found in my

The second one, I got to it thanks to Andrea, as I saw it in his blog. It does the same but with the labels applied to the posts in a given blog (in

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