Sunday, December 30, 2007

The lies behind the firmware update promise

They try to sell more promising firmware updates, but the fact is that they dedicate their efforts to create new products rather than improving the software in already existing devices.

I own a Kiss DP-1100. I like it because it supports a lot of codecs, subtitles and it has a lot of other interesting features. But it is buggy: with some codecs it is impossible to rewind or fast forward a video without a crash (which leads to a hard reset of the device).

Linksys, current owner of Kiss Technologies, is doing the same with their Wi-Fi Access Points. Except for the excelent WRT54GL (that I am going to get from my workpal Diego), many other APs suffer from different bugs or do not support interesting features that some other devices within the same class (from the same maker or from different ones -like MDS) do support. For example, my WRT300N. Thanks to initiatives like OpenWRT that bring freedom to the user.

Quite similar things happen to mobile phones. While some S60 3rd edition phones like N73 receive several upgrades (the most recent one incorporating support for A2DP), while some others like my N80 don't.

This does not only apply to firmware, also to external applications. Why dows Mail For Exchange work on many E-Series and N-Series and not in my N80?

This is not serious at all. Device makers suck!

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