Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Device Description Repository Simple API is a W3C Recommendation

The DDR Simple API document has just become a W3C Recommendation. This work intends to provide a standard way for any stakeholder in the web ecosystem to access device information known "a priori" like screen size, number of colours, or image formats and markup supported. The document has been developed within the W3C Device Description Working Group and its editors are Jo Rabin (from dotMobi -mTLD Top Level Domain-), José Manuel Cantera Fonseca (from Telefónica I+D), Rotan Hanrahan (from MobileAware, chair of the DDWG) and myself, Nacho Marín, from Fundación CTIC.

It would be completely unfair not to mention the fifth horsemen, Mr. Rodrigo García (also from Fundación CTIC) who was a key player in the development of the document, the re-expression of the API in IDL and WDSL -to prove how it could be used by other technologies different to the Java API used in the document).

This is not the only document provided by the DDWG, so here goes my acknowledgment to: Andrea Trasatti (Director of Device Initiatives at dotMobi), as editor of the DDR Core Vocabulary (together with Jo and Rotan); Jose Cantera once again, as editor of the document Device Description Structures; Eman, James and Matt, as editors of the Device Description Landscape 1.0; and Rotan, yes, Rotan again, as editor of the Device Description Ecosystem 1.0.

And of course, to all the participants in the group: it was a pleasure to work with you all. I hope we'll work together again. Some of you are still doomed to bear with me in the W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group, one of the other groups in the W3C Mobile Web Initiative.

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