Thursday, December 04, 2008

Running Office 2007 in Ubuntu 8.10 using wine

There I go with a step by step tutorial:

Just follow the steps in BUT INVERT THE ORDER OF STEPS 9 AND 10. This is, first execute winecfg as said in step 10, and then rename files as said in step 9.

I have started word and typed a little and seemed to be working fine. Then I just moved the cursor over the default Excel spreadsheet and it froze.

Stay tuned and I will report feedback about my experiences with Office 2007 in Ubuntu 8.10 with wine.

Ah, I launch Office apps by means of the scripts provided at


Anonymous said...

you should try this with winetricks man. it saves sooo much trouble!

Nacho said...

Check the post in that I recommend and notice that winetricks needs to be used.

Following the steps in the post you refer to did not work for me, while the steps went OK. The only thing to be taken into account is that steps 9 and 10 need to be performed in the opposite order.