Saturday, June 02, 2007


I have signed a contract with Yoigo, the 4th mobile operator in Spain (after Movistar from Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange). They try to do things easily: connection charge, 12 cents + VAT; national call, 12 cents + VAT per minute; text message, 10 cents + VAT; minimum monthly fee, 6 € + VAT. Call fees apply to any mobile or any landline in Spain.

The other operators have great offers in certain conditions but they suck your money when you call out of these conditions. So you have to be using a calculator and read the small print of your contract to be sure of what you'll pay.

Yoigo will still have to improve stuff like roaming (there are countries like USA where do not have any agreement yet), but on the other side they have agreements to call people in the (foreign) country where you are with the same fees as Yoigo national calls. Few countries support this, but I bet they are going to be more and more as time goes by.

Yoigo also promises not to raise fees in the next years (they talk about decreasing them if the amount of customers is bigger and bigger).

I must say that the thing that really made me want to sign with them is that I can connect to the internet with a daily flat rate of 1.2 €.

Yoigo is ruled by Telia Sonera and, in my opinion, this is a guarantee. My workmate Diego Berrueta is happy with them. We'll see.

By the way, I signed the contract with them just by using their web. And the pen I used in order to write it was S60 Web Browser :-)


BitSpain said...

If you need more info about yoigo, we are happy to see you in our Unofficial Yoigo Blog.

Nacho said...

Thanks, BitSpain. The first thing I did after signing-up was to syndicate your RSS feed :-)

By the way, there is a typo in the URL: (the "s" was missing).