Monday, July 23, 2007

The magic is back!

Today, we could see Fernando Alonso driving as only an angel or a demon can do in the middle of the rain. Incredible how he managed to beat Massa and incredible how he got mad at Fernando because the latter told the former about his dangerous manoeuvres. Filipe deeply scratched Fernando's car while being overtaken, and he almost did the same a couple of laps before.

For the non-believers, are you sure Fernando was starting to get nervous or are the rest of the pilots already nervous?

Thanks for such a wonderful race, Fernando... and thanks to Thor for bringing the storm in time :-)


Rober said...

Hehe, when the rain came again at the end of the, Alonso was incredible. 8 seconds!! hohohoho, poor Massa ;)

Nacho said...

Hey you! Add me in as a friend and stop commenting my posts til then :-)