Sunday, July 08, 2007

Trillian Astra and the mobile web

I am enjoying current Trillian Astra windows client a lot. There is some stuff yet for the developers to do and the web client is frozen until they make it work with the latest version of Trillian servers. I could not try the web client yet, because of that, but I expect a lot from it. I hope I can link all my RSS feeds there so this way, the "My Web" part of the Windows client gets activated and I can check them all. This way I'd remove some RSS Yahoo widgets from my desktop (I am using two of them in order to be notified of changes and then read the full version: Informer and Yahoo! My Headlines).

Of course, thinking of a web client made me wonder if I could ever enjoy Trillan Astra web client on a mobile phone. Well, they have quickly made my wishes come true (or, at least, they will). See this post in Cerulean Studios blog and check how wonderful it will look on the iPhone.

It might work in S60 browser too, as people are enjoying iPhone web apps in Nokia browser (although some refinements should be done to use all the screen of some S60 3rd edition, like N80).

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