Sunday, July 01, 2007

Trillian Astra

After long time being a Trillian Pro user, and having asked for their new Trillian Astra product as an alpha user (well, no matter how you want to call it, releasing something to the user means beta as alpha is lab testing... or this is what I was taught in Software Engineering), I finally received the email with my user and password and link to download the installer.

I have tried it a little before going to bed. By now, it looks faster and more stable than version 3.x. It has included Google Talk as a new IM protocol (in Trillian Pro 3.x you have to do it via Jabber and you lose some of the features from Google Talk) but no one is online right now. Well, it is Saturday night and only geeks and family men are online at this moment ;-)

The only thing that I am asking to Trillian Astra is to improve support for Jabber. I cannot add a contact in CTIC's internal Jabber server without the whole Trillian crashing, so every single Jabber user in the server means Trillian restart. Besides, if I send a link in a message, the message can only include the link... No other single character or it will crash. I hate this as I have to be very careful and chat with people but send URLs separately.

I'll know how much I love it or hate it next Monday, as I connect to xana.

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Nacho said...

Jabber support vastly improved in what reagards to our server at work :-)