Tuesday, August 07, 2007

First invoice from yoigo

I received last week the first invoice from Yoigo (the Spanish mobile operator i have changed to). I have been using my phone all these vacations through as my only connection to the internet: browsing the web with Nokia WebKit browser, Opera Mobile, Opera Mini and even the old S60 WAP browser, uploading pics to flickr as I shot them in order for the family to follow our steps in Fuerteventura (and especially, my one-year-old daughter's), downloading/installing/using applications like Yahoo Go! (I really loved it, being based in widgets, ... but I felt a bit uncomfortable as I could not believe I could do it for only 1.2 euros per day.

Now I do (seeing is believing, yes) and I am even happier than before.

There are some things that I expect from them so they become the almost perfect mobile operator:

  • Video-calls (I do not like them saying there is no real demand for that service).

  • Service of SMS notification for calls missed when the phone is off or disconnected from the GSM network SEPARATED FROM the voice mailbox service (they're tied together and you can only switch both of them on and off at the same time... this sounds unbelievable to me as it sounds like no technical problem but a way to charge more money to the users )

  • My Yoigo working

  • Keep their promise of not charging more for their services (and even lowering the rates if more and more users come to them)

  • Increase the number of countries for voice and data roaming

They have recently announced their rates for roaming inside the Europen Union and they are the cheapest ones in Spain, so they seem to keep walking the good path.

One day I'll try to compare the cost of use of a mobile phone with other operators and yoigo and post the results.

Strategies like Yoigo's are the ones to impulse the use of data-based services in mobile devices.

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