Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Real Sporting and Major League Soccer... and mourning for Antonio Puerta

My football team, Real Sporting de Gijón, seems to have just been selected by the Major League Soccer in the USA as one of the teams they want to study in order to improve the way in which they breed new young players. More to be read here (I just hope you can read Spanish).

By the way, Sporting is right now the leader of the BBVA League (Second Division) after a victory over Poli Ejido (4-0). OK, only one match has been played by now, but just let me enjoy the moment. I do not want to see them leaders again... until the end of the last match this season.

Taling about football nowadays in Spain, it is impossible not to express my condolences to Real Sevilla for the death of his player Antonio Puerta (22 years old) as he was playing their match against Getafe because of a heart attack.


Rodrigo said...

I hope to see Sporting leader of the second division by the end of the season too!!!

Mareo it's a must see for every football fan:D

Nacho said...

You should have added a hyperlink to Mareo, man. This is in Spanish but I hope it is useful to non-Spanish speakers anyway.