Monday, August 06, 2007

Safari for Windows

I have been trying the latest version of Safari for Windows (3.0.3) and it looks like Apple have fixed a big amount of bugs. I hope that you can read an 'n with tilde' --HERE-->ñ<--HERE. That would mean that one of the bugs I mentioned in the past has been corrected. Although they have promised to work on localised versions of the browser, it is not serious that I cannot post using Spanish characters.

NOTE ADDED ON 2007/08/07 0:44: In the following post about my experience with Yoigo, i had to change the Euro symbol by the word euros, as it broke my post as it used to do so... I guess I have to swallow my words. Oh, and some sites like Mighty Robert's, flooded with YouTube and other video players based on Flash, make it crash or freeze. It is still MUCH better than the previous release but there's stuff to do. Localised versions NOW, please!

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