Thursday, October 04, 2007

Trutap (II)

OK. It works :-)

I read about trutap over a week ago. Some days ago, when I found the time to try it, I registered and tried to instal it. It seemed to be easy: right after receiving your download code (it takes some days), just access via N80's Service (WAP 2.0) browser -not the S60 (HTML/XHTML) Safari based browser- and enter the code; their web detects your phone and serves the right JAD file for your phone (yeah, it is JavaME, so it might work in a wide range of devices and if yours is not supported now, I am sure it will soon be).

I had a problem because the JAR file seemed to be corrupted, but a quick interaction with the support team via email was enough for them to fix the problem and for me to be enjoying it right now.

I have set my ICQ, MSN and Yahoo accounts (AIM is available too), and I can blog here. Unluckily, the text field is pretty limited (I tried to write this text but I quitted trying as I lost it because I forgot to add to my login username in the settings).

You can set your trutap profile too (besides mentioned IM networks, trutap includes its own, as some other clients like Trillian Astra do) and some preferences about alerts, privacy, data usage (interesting if you do not have a flat rate connection like Yoigo's).

It is very promising that the "stuff" tab in "My contacts" button in "Home" screen says that it will soon support MySpace, Facebook and some more social network accounts.

Give it a try because, although it is their first beta, it has already become the best communication tool in a mobile platform for me and it has replaced Yahoo Go among the 5 icons in my N80's idle screen.

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