Thursday, October 18, 2007

The worst thing is to create expectations and... not work at all

This is what is happenning to me with Truphone, VoIP software with a recent version for Nokia N80. It has a wizard for configuration that works by sending an SMS to Truphone and waits for a response one... that never comes.


Dave said...


Sorry to hear that you have not received an SMS response from Truphone. Let us know your details at and we will be happy to provide an alternate installation method :-)

1. Your GSM/Cell number
2. Your GSM/Cell network/carrier
3. Your Handset Model
4. What country/city are you located in?

Dave W
Truphone Support

KatieB said...

Hi Nacho,

Sorry to hear you didn't receive an SMS response from Truphone. If you send us your details to we'll be happy to investigate and get you up and running in no time!!

The Truphone Support Team