Saturday, August 23, 2008

Acer Aspire One and the danger of installing new packages

I followed the steps provided by Jorge in his blog in order to change Aspire One's default Firefox 2 by the latest Firefox 3 from a repository so it can be updated easily.

The day after I did that, my wife complained to me as she could not check mail anymore. Launching onemail from command line I could see that a shared library was missing ( was missing. What a chance that this is a library included in Firefox 2 and not in Firefox 3 :-)

You can take a look in Jorge's post in his blog as I provided to him the steps to correct this undesired situation (awaiting moderation, at the moment of writing). Besides that shared library, three other ones were missing so you'll have to follow the same steps to have the four files back in the /usr/lib directory of your Linpus copy in the Aspire One.

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Jorge Barrera Grandon said...

Your words have been added to the post. Thanks for your input. :)