Saturday, August 09, 2008

First experiences with Acer Aspire One

I gave my wife yesterday an Acer Aspire One as the day of our IX Anniversary is pretty close. She sa w me carrying the wrapped gift and... mmmmm... let's say I was "adviced" to give it to her in advance.

She is very happy with it, although she misses a real desktop and the Linpus Lite linux distribution is a bit poor to her. This is not a con against this distribution because I guess it is what computer newbies need to be able to start using a PC with Linux on it. It offers a home screen with big icons taking you to the main applications needed: browser, email and IM clients, multimedia, games, basic configuration options.

The lack of a chance to install new applications (at least it is not obvious how to manage to do it) is something that makes you want to install another Linux distribution. I hope Acer and Linpus will improve this issue.

It takes a bit to get used to the keyboard but after some minutes you are used to it. WiFi works perfectly. It boots in about 20 seconds and it shuts down even faster.

Great buy for 298€. I love cheap ultralaptops.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Copied to the OMAG blog and enhanced.
EDITORIAL NOTE 2 (18/10/2008): s/ultralaptops/netbooks/ :-)

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