Sunday, August 31, 2008

WiFi antennas in laptops

I've complained long ago about the WiFi antenna of the Lenovo X60s that I use at work, compared to other devices. Even a Nokia N810 proves to detect more networks with more signal power in medium and long distances, but you could not say that an N810 is a cheap device.

But I really checked it out now that I am trying my wife's Acer Aspire One in some sort of hard conditions. I live in the 5th floor of a block and my parents live in the 2nd. I usually get to their place to work with the needed peace of mind (wife+baby+puppy dog do not help much to focus on work) but I have always had the problem of WiFi, as my AP is not in the vertical to the room at my parents', where I am now staying. That means more walls to be crossed by WiFi transmission.

The fact is that I brought both the X60s and the Acer Aspire one and former cannot see my AP three floors upstairs while the wonderful Aspire One gets the signal with a 75%. And the Aspire One is one of the cheapest notebooks out there so it supports my idea of Lenovo using WiFi antennas of unacceptable quality for a machine that is meant to be used for work purposes on-the-go.

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