Saturday, January 12, 2008

IM improved in maemo

OS2008, the OS in the N810, includes IM software that allows you to get connected to Google Talk (allowing videocalls), AIM and SIP.

If you want to use other IM protocols and services, you have to install Pidgin. But a project called RTCOMM lets you integrate your Pidgin contacts in the default IM client, which is just great in order to save resources (and one entry in the systray :-) ).

I hope the guys at maemo do their best and support all these additional protocols by default without having to install anything. Not necessarily implementing the client-side for all of them, maybe just by allowing automatic integration with Pidgin.

RTCOMM has its limitation (like being unable to allow to add new contacts -it has to be made using Pidgin's UI-), but it is a great piece of software.

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