Monday, January 07, 2008

N810 upgraded

After a backup of all the sensitive data, it has been upgraded to the latest release by now. It is great that all the data related to access points registered, email accounts, email folders, IM accounts, etc. are back after the upgrade.

The backup includes information about all the applications installed before the upgrade. So it tries to download and install again applications not included by default in the release. The only failure is that apps not included in the official repository are not reinstalled. For instance, I had to manually install pidgin, vagalume and canola. In the case of pidgin, all my preferences and accounts were there after re-installation.

I had never seen such great backup utility and transparent upgrade procedure. It is a pity that Nokia does not do the same about all their devices (thinking of the N80).


Frade said...

Nice purchase ;) Have you tried the videoconference? I think it is a really nice feature and it didnt receive much attention.

And don't forget to fill bugs with your suggestions, ideas or bugs (if you find them! :D )

Nacho said...

I received a videocall from a guy called Wikier just the same day that I wrote this post. I bet you remember him ;-)

It was great and, if I am not wrong, Nokia allows videoconference between GTalk contacts before Google itself.

Do not worry. I'll report bugs as I find them ;-)