Monday, January 14, 2008

Internet Radio Stations in spanish

I have been struggling with Radio Stations streaming their air broadcasts through the internet in a way that is playable with the media player of maemo. Basically, this usually means streaming the RealPlayer way or some Windows Media Player ways.

And I do mean struggling because the web pages of many of these Radio Stations are filled with "web players" with a lot of JavaScript, some Flash and whatever other web techniques that make non-desktop browsers complain. It is true that some of them had a simple \ tag with its href attribute pointing to an RTSP or an MMS URL to just click on it and open maemo's media player. Thanks to them as they save some work to maemo hunters for Internet Radio Stations.

Well, enough speech, let's get to it. I hope it is useful (and not only for Nokia N810 owners).

Radio Nacional de España - Radio 1

Radio Nacional de España - Radio 3

Radio Nacional de España - Radio 4

Radio Nacional de España - Radio 5

Radio Nacional de España - Radio Clásica (seems to not be working)

Radio Exterior de España

Onda Cero (Asturias) (you have to choose the local station in Onda Cero's web site; this is the asturian station)

Europa FM

Kiss FM

Bon appetit! :-)

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