Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fring on maemo

Some weeks ago, the guys at Fring released a new version of their popular multi-IM and VoIP client, but now for the maemo platform. It crashed when I tried it in the N810 but a few days ago they launched a revision of this wonderful software, and now it works perfectly.

You will find the same experience as in the s60 and the rest of mobile platforms having this nice communication tool available. The user experience is worse in what regards to IM if compared to Pidgin, for example. But, on the other hand, it allows multi-IM connectivity plus VoIP, reducing a lot the memory fingerprint needed when using the options available until now (nokia IM client plus pidgin, pidgin plus gizmo or whatever other combination of software tools to be logged in yahoo, msn, icq, aim and any VoIP provider).

Great piece of software to be followed!

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