Friday, September 26, 2008

Real Sporting, I believe

Since my last post about the football team of my soul, three losses in a row (Sevilla 4 - Sporting 3, Sporting 1 - FC Barcelona 6 and Real Madrid 7 - Sporting 1) have made the team being in the media very often in the last days.

The last time when Sporting was in Spanish First Division, we beat the record of fewest points ever (13). The prophets claim that we are going for a new record.

The fact is that, while we are playing against the big ones, other teams have had not so difficult rivals and they are only 4 or 5 points away. Yes, we have zero points, but I will list in the future the amount of points achieved (by the last ten teams so far in the league) in the series of matches between Getafe and Villarreal. Many will get zero too and some others... three? four? That only means that league to avoid relegation to Second Division will be played in the direct duels between contenders.

I have deeply analyzed the game of a lot of teams that I bet that will be fighting to avoid relegation. They all lack of the offensive skills of Real Sporting. I know that the defensive play of the team will be strengthen after facing the great teams we have been fighting so far.

The next challenge is tomorrow, against Villarreal, another team to be feared. They were second last season, with many chances to be first until the very end. This season they have started in even better shape. This is not the league of Real Sporting yet so 1 or 3 points would be a gift.

Our league starts next week: Mallorca, Osasuna, ... If we get 4 or 6 points against them we might get out of the relegation positions. I am sure, we can. I am sure we will.

The differences between the richest and the poorest is bigger than ever this year. But among the poorest, a decent defense that I know that we will achieve and our powerful attack will make us prevail.

And you will see...

¡Siempre Sporting!

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