Thursday, September 04, 2008

Google Chrome

We have a new browser in town. If everything in the comic book is true, I think I'll change my default browser. Already waiting for it on Linux. And on maemo? :-) I wonder how a tab-model and plugin-model based on processes suits to a resource-limited machine. All my life in the university teaching me about how good multithreading is and in the end they sell that everything in its own process is better. Jokes asides, it is the same old story, more usage of resources for the sake of security and stability. I bet that a good multi-threading model would be able to do the same with no bugs is the best, but I guess we have all surrendered to the idea of making software without any bugs.

I'll test it in depth in the next days and then see whether I change the default to Chrome.

Ah, and it is great that it is based on open-source and it is open-source itself. Other browsers can take benefit of it, as Chrome has taken benefit from other open-source browsers. Will V8 become the "de-facto" standard in Javascript VMs?

Time will tell about all of this.

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