Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am writing this post to recommend you this great free tool for Windows that I have been using since last year. It is called SequoiaView and creates a map that pictures an image of your hard disk divided into blocks. Each block represents a file in your hard disk and its size in the map is set accordingly to the proportional size it takes. So you can visually detect big files and thus be able to move it to another disk or delete it.

I have the laptop I use for work with its disk almost full and I could not guess how to get more free space. I left SequoiaView running while I went for lunch (it takes some minutes to complete the map in this laptop) and now I found a big number of tech videocasts that I had downloaded long and that were in a folder that I did not remember that existed in the disk.

Absolutely recommended! Thanks to the University of Technology of Eindhoven for this wonderful tool.

You can find below a screenshot showing the map of my disk while highlighting the 2 GB pagefile.sys file.

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