Thursday, September 04, 2008

Google Chrome: First experiences

Everything is fine with Google Chrome and I am in love with it, but... how is it possible that it was born to enhance web user experience in what regards to web services and applications and it does not support an important service built in the Google Bar for IE and Firefox such as bookmarks?

I bookmark URIs in Google Chrome and it does not sync with the bookmarks in Google Bookmarks. Bad thing which I hope it is fixed soon.

And I also miss several Firefox extensions that I am in love with (ForecastFox or TwitterFox, for example). Maybe the open community of developers will port them soon. In the meantime, Google Chrome will not be my default browser.

Enough complaining. It is true that this is a beta (and a top-quality beta, I must add) so it is only a matter of waiting a little and it will be improved as Google always does with their inventions :)

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